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100 Free Invoice Templates 2020

Not to mention, paying less than expected is always a nice surprise for the customer. Using a basic invoice template allows for a ton of customization. Check out these tips from business owners who found success tailoring their invoice layout and process to suit their needs. Set definite payment deadlines– if your invoices aren’t to be paid immediately, you should spell out a clear due date for your customers. Don’t worry about coming off as pushy—you are the professional and your customers understand you need to be paid. Invoicing at the end of the engagement has a certain professionalism to it and gives off the sense that the business is established.

  • Since I started using Instabooks online invoicing software, my clients priortise paying my invoices over other generic invoices and that has improved my business cash flow.
  • Not to mention, paying less than expected is always a nice surprise for the customer.
  • Without it, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today, with over 3,000 customers and $110k+ in monthly recurring revenue.
  • Starting with the format, you must be highly selective and choose the one that belongs to your industry and suits your business.
  • FreshBooks has been helping business owners get paid since 2003.
  • You can document who received the payment, enter a receipt tracking number, and identify the type of payment used.

An invoice is a document that shows the amount owed for goods sold or services provided. Items and unit costs are typically itemized along with taxes, shipping charges, or other fees to show customers the total amount owed. Invoices may also include payment terms, shipping instructions, customer information, and tracking numbers for reference. Some companies may use an electronic invoicing system, but templates are an easy option for small businesses and individuals who need a simple yet professional solution.

Free invoice templates for web design

Sections are provided for adding a billing address, child information, pricing, and payment terms. An invoice number is included for keeping organized records.

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  • You can sign up for an Invoice Home account here and follow the prompts.
  • Its ergonomic and intuitive interface makes it an easy-to-use tool.

Designed for freelancers and small businesses, these templates are pretty straightforward but helpful. If you’re looking for a quick download and don’t care too much about automating your invoice process, check out the InvoiceBerry 100 Free Invoice Templates 2020 templates. Vertex42 offers an impressive library of downloadable invoice templates for you to use. The service offers a large range of currencies that mean you can bill clients in your or their native currency.

Over 100 Free Invoices to Choose From

When creating an item, you can add information like SKU, size options, images, location, and other custom options. Then, when you’re ready to create an invoice, just click the Item line, and select the item from a dropdown menu. Square offers a few options to customize your invoices in the account settings.

  • Clients get a breakdown of estimated costs and the total amount.
  • To download them according to your needs, we have made them available in all file formats.
  • Let’s say you send an invoice to 10 clients, and it doesn’t include the due date or a description of the service charge.
  • Upgrading is easy and can make all the difference when positioning your business in the modern world.
  • No matter what type of business you run, you’ll need to write invoices to keep records of your sales and get paid on time.

Timely payment of invoices is a sign of positive cash flow for freelancers and self employed professionals. Small businesses are always advised to monitor and manage their accounts receivable regularly. By using Instabooks real time invoicing software I get notified when customers view invoices, pay invoices and even when they forget to pay invoices. Get paid faster by using this Excel bill template generator software and app to bill your business clients and improve cash flow or try Instabooks Invoicing Software for free. Invoicing by hand is no longer a necessity for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The choice of tools is now wide enough to be able to forget Excel and professionalize its invoicing. Not only do you ensure the legal compliance of your invoices, but you also benefit from other functionalities to better manage your activity (CRM, inventory management, etc.).


Using this approach may also assist avoid any confusion about what goods or services will be supplied and how much they will cost. When you attach an invoice to your email and send it to customers, an online copy of your invoice letter and original invoice are saved permanently.

How do I create an invoice template?

Creating an invoice template with Indy is easy. Here are the steps to follow:Launch the Invoices tool from the main Indy menu.Add your company’s branding and contact information.Customize the payment terms, conditions, and methods to suit your needs.Fill in any lines with commonly used items, such as your basic services. After these steps, you can save this as a draft. You have finished your basic invoice template. When you are ready to use it, simply create a duplicate to edit. Add the final details, such as line items, invoice number, work completed, and due date. Your new invoice is ready to send to your client.

Edit the template to provide appropriate details about the shipping method, destination, and type of freight. Describe the shipment contents along with the pricing, weight, and total costs. If a contractor needs to bill per project rather than hourly, simply edit the invoice to show project costs rather than hourly rates. A signature section for authorization is provided at the bottom of the template.